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One Pot Indian Meal Kits

Dinner that cooks itself

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Effortless cooking: How it works?

Step 1.

From Fridge to Pot: 2 - 3 mins

Step 2.

Set Pot to Cook: 1 min

Step 3.

Relax: 15+ mins

Step 4.


One Pot Meal kits & Sauces

Downright Delicious

The secret is in the sauce.  Each sauce is slow cooked and seasoned to perfection.  We cook slowly, so you can cook fast.

Especially Effortless

Designed to make the Instant Pot work for you.  No shopping, chopping, no sink full of dishes. No cooking experience needed. 

Exceptional Ingredients

Meticulously selected, organic when possible; only good fats; less than 400 calories per serving. No additives or preservatives.

Handy & Dependable

Cook now or freeze for later; no thaw step.  Vacuum sealed to retain nutrients, flavor, and aromas.

What's in the Kit?

Everything Inclded Kits:

Great for last minute meals. They have everything you need for the dish in va compact kit that can stay in the freezer for 6+ months.

1) Artisinal Small Batch Sauce 

2) Pre-prepped & portioned protein and/or vegetable

Rice Kits : (See Video of how they work)

They are great for instant pot users and allow you to cook the rice in the same pot alog with the main dish. These are shelf stable and can ship nationwide.

1) Artisinal Small Batch Sauce 

2) Basmati Rice

3) Bag-in-pot bag

Sauce Pack :

They are great for those with a plan. BYOP (bring your own protein).These are shelf stable and can ship nationwide.

1) Artisinal Small Batch Sauce 

This is us

We are two passionistas* (and a squeaky third wheel) with discerning taste for flavorful food that transports us to our homeland. We revel in sharing our love of food with family and friends. Join us on our journey of food and love.
* A woman who pursues her passion(s) as a career with a thirst for continuous growth and a desire to serve others.

Join the Seeti family!

Join us on our journey to simplify home cooking, while keeping it nutritious and delicious. With your help, we’re planning on building Seeti slowly but surely.

Monsoon Pabrai


Authentic Punjabi Rajma

I had a lot of fun preparing Rajma that I paired with rice. It was a simple, but overall such a rich and tasty meal with the perfect blend of spices!

It took less than 30 seconds of mental energy, normally this dish would require 45-60 minutes of focus, lots of dirty dishes, and wouldn't taste nearly as good.

Rohan Relan


Best mutton curry in the bay area

This is my favorite dish from Seeti.

Imo it's the best mutton curry I've found in the bay area (the closest to what I get at home in Delhi) and tastes healthy as well.

Super easy to make, just dump the items in the pot, add some water (I do one cup since I prefer more curry) and it's ready in an hour

Vikas Jhan

Pindi Chole was amazing!

Seeti mealkits are a godsend. I have now tried almost all the vegetarian dishes and each one of them is excellent. Super tasty and healthy. And so easy to prepare.

My cooking schedule is highly irregular. And Seeti works perfectly for me. I just keep a bunch of them in my freezer - ready to go whenever I am ready.

Atulya Sarin


Heaven in a bowl

When I ordered it I was not sure what to expect - it seemed like a khicdi with quinoa instead of rice - how good it could be. But it has amazed me. I really truly enjoy having it as lunch or dinner (or both) - and I am told it is healthy also - I really do not care. This truly is my favorite all time dish. Thank you guys.

Ramya Venkat


Seeti is a godsend for new parents. Now I can come home after work, put a meal in the Instant Pot, play with the baby, have a shower, and dinner is ready when I get out!


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