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Cooking Kits for the Instant Pot

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Instant Pot Meals Simplified

Seeti's mission is to make cooking global cuisine with nutritional diversity incredibly convenient and accessible.

Our Kits are complete, so you don’t need anything else besides water (and an appetite!). As the dish cooks to perfection, the Instant Pot allows the delectable, fresh flavors to come out while keeping vital nutrients in.

Meal Kits 2.0

Finest Ingredients

We achieve bold, delicious flavors in our dishes by using outstanding fresh produce, herbs, and spices. We’re proud to deliver you healthy fuel that will delight your senses.

Just 5 Mins Active Time

No shopping. No chopping. No big mess. Simply drop the Kit into the Instant Pot, add water and let the Instant Pot do its unattended magic.

Crafted for Real Life

Kits are vacuum sealed to keep nutrients, flavor, and aroma fresh for months. They’re ready to be enjoyed when you are. Cook today, next week, or next month. Cook last minute. No need for planning.

Starting to Sprout!

This is the initial step in our journey to simplify home cooking, while keeping it nutritious and delicious. We have 8 Meal Kits ready for you. With your help, we’re planning on building Seeti slowly but surely. Please join us.

Harmit Singh

Empty Nesters, CFO Levi's

My wife didn't believe that I would ever cook. I still don't believe that I can, but with Seeti kits I have. I love my indian khana and now I don't have to defrost or do take out.

Ramaya Venkat

New Mom, Founder of Coral YCW19

Seeti is a goodsend for new parents. Now I can come home after work, put a meal in the instant pot, play with the baby have a shower and dinner is ready when I get out.

Sanjay Uppal

Jetsetter, CEO Velocloud

When I am in town I love to eat at home. Seeti satisfies my craving for a healthy India meal that tastes great

Savera Bhatnagar

Student, Senior at CAA

I grew up with Indian food but I had no idea that I would miss it when I was in college, but I do. I just don't have the ingredients, tools or the will to cook it and restaurant food is not that great. Seeti is wonderful, it is my source for comfort food and brings backs warm memories of home in an instant.

Simran Kalra

Founder Haldi, Ex Head of Youtube Marketing

“Life is just crazy and getting a quick, healthy Indian meal on the table seemed like a dream. With Seeti I can actually do that - , which is way healthier than walking to Pakwan round the corner”

This is Us

We are two passionistas* (and a squeaky third wheel) with discerning taste for flavorful food that transports us to our homeland. We revel in sharing our love of food with family and friends. Join us on our journey of food and love!
* A woman who pursues her passion(s) as a career with a thirst for continuous growth and a desire to serve others.


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