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Happy New Years! We are BAck AND OPEN FOr Orders!

Availability & Shipping

San Francisco Bay Area Pickup & Delivery : Availability - All Products
Free Pick up from (use 10OFFPICKUP for 10% discount)
     1. 926 Crestview Dr. San Carlos  (on Tuesday 3pm-7pm)  - Monday Cutoff 
     2. Santana Row Farmers Market (on Wed 4pm - 8pm) Tue Cutoff
     3. Downtown San Jose Farmers Market (on Wed 3pm - 7pm) Tue Cutoff
     4. Portola Valley Farmers Market (on Thurs 2pm - 6pm) Wed Cutoff
     5. Burlingame Farmers Market   (on Sunday 9am - 1pm) - Friday Cutoff
     6. San Carlos Farmers Market (on Sunday 9am - 1pm) - Friday Cutoff
     7. Saratoga Farmers Market (on Sat from 9am - 1pm) - Friday cutoff
     8. Divisadero Farmers Market (on Sun from 9am - 1pm) - Friday cutoff
Note: Shopify's setup requires you to enter an address even if you are picking up.  After entering an address, you can choose shipping or pickup in the next step.
Bay Area Delivery (limited zipcodes) for Meal kit orders - starts at $10
Market Day Delivery (zipcodes close to market) usually $6 but free through Aug
Nationwide Shipping: Availability - All sauces and grains (lentils & quinoa) 
Shipping via USPS - Fixed at $8
FREE Delivery (limited selection) through the entire Bay Area at
Available online @ Good Eggs Organic Grocer
Also available at Bay Area Grocery Stores in the Peninsula


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