Yellow Lentils & Squash Stew
Yellow Lentils & Squash Stew

Yellow Lentils & Squash Stew


Yields 3 cups

Package Includes  1) Spiced Organic Tomatoes  2) Opo Squash "Lauki"  3) Organic Yellow Lentils "Toor Daal"

TIP: Cutting the packet on two/three sides will make it easier to move its contents to the IP.


  1. In the Instant Pot, add spiced tomatoes, and daal with 1½ cups water.  
  2. Add in the squash and turn once to coat on both sides.
  3. Lock lid, set valve to SEAL and cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 11 minutes.
  4. Once done, let rest for 10 minutes, then set valve to VENT to release remaining pressure.
  5. Open lid and press CANCEL to turn off.
  6. Give it a good stir.

    Additional Tips:

    • Classic accompaniments are cilantro, raw onions, lemon, serrano peppers.  
    • Best served with rice or Indian flatbread such as roti.
    • All legumes will thicken over time. If not eating right away, add boiling water prior to reheating. You may also need to adjust salt at this time.


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