Our Food Philosophy

We enable clean eating. By using the the best oil and ghee sparingly, combined with the best meat and veggies, cooked in small batches, to produce the antidote to unhealthy indian takeout.

Food that feels right. Seeti is about creating nutritious, delicious meals that we would proudly serve our children, our partners, our loved ones. Our ingredients are locally sourced, contain no additives or preservatives, and in most cases, organic. We use only good fats (avocado oil and ghee) and that too sparingly so they are suited for everyday consumption.

Our meals taste home cooked because they are. Seeti’s magic comes from our sauces that are hand-crafted in small batches and seasoned to perfection. We use only the highest quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods to ensure flavors are reminiscent of our grandmother’s meals. 

Great tasting Indian food takes time. No more! Most Indian dishes not only require a multitude of spices but also time consuming processes such as bhunai  (slow roasting). In the Seeti kitchen we embrace traditional, time intensive processes, cooking our sauces slowly, so that you can make authentic, homemade meals quickly.  No cooking skills required. Just great food every time.


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