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Instant Pot 101


Instant Pot Buttons you need to know for Seeti Kits

1) Start by setting the steam release handle to the Sealing position.

2) Press Manual / Pressure Cook button to manually set your Instant Pot.   

  • Use Pressure button to change from Low Pressure to high pressure (default setting).
  • Use the [+] and [-] buttons to set the cooking time. 
  • A few IP have a Start button, if yours does, press it now
    • After a brief pause, a beep sound and an "ON" signal will indicate that pressure has started to build. 
    • Once the pressure is built (floating valve on the lid pops up, can take up to 10 minutes), the IP will display the programmed cooking time.   The IP will then start counting down from the set cooking time to zero.

    3) Once cooking time is complete, the IP defaults to Keep Warm.  The display panel starts counting up the lapsed time since the completion of the cooking cycle starting at L0:00.

     3) Once you are ready to release pressure, move the steam release handle to VENTING.  You will know that the pressure has fully released when the floating valve on the lid drops.

    4) Press Sauté button to sauté,  stir-fry, brown or thicken.  To increase or decrease the sauté temperature -

    • Press Adjust button to change from Normal Sauté (default) to More to Less.  On models with no Adjust button, press Sauté button twice.

    5) Press Cancel to Turn OFF r to change functions.



    Other Short videos to help you on your Instant Pot journey, happy cooking! 



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