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Our Passion

Both Shameela and I immigrated to the Bay Area over 25 years ago and what we fell in love with instantly is the diversity of this region. Over the years we have so many fond memories of our friends introducing us to cuisines from around the world. We enjoyed experiencing their cuisines at their homes and enjoyed serving them our home-cooked food.  

Home-cooked meals with friends and family have always been a highlight of our lives. We hope to make delicious meals effortless and play a small part in creating conversations and connections amongst family and friends. We would love every family to experience the joys of home cooking often.

We developed our meal kits for the Instant Pot, which produces consistent results without supervision. Unlike other kits, ours require no prep, no cooking skills, and only five minutes of hands-on time, making them the ideal solution for today’s time-starved consumer.

Additionally, our kits are vacuum sealed and can stay fresh in the freezer without preservatives for up to three months, eliminating the pressure to cook before the kits spoil, thereby providing complete flexibility of the user’s schedule.

Though our kits are Instant Pot friendly, they also come with equally simple stove top directions.


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