Our Passion

Seeti brings together the passion for food, culture and style of two best friends. Both a magic carpet and a time machine, Seeti transports you on culinary journeys across geographies and time. 

Creating sauces that can evoke childhood memories is almost as hard as building a time machine. Our sauces and meal-kits are inspired by the cooking done by our families that span generations in India and Pakistan. They are prepared in small batches using time intensive techniques and capture the essence of healthy, home-cooked Indian food.

For those that want to add some variety to the dinner time repertoire, or simply don’t have the time or skills for complex recipes, you will love our Instant pot kits that require only 5 minutes of hands-on time. All you have to do is add water, the contents of the kit and the instant pot does the rest. 

For those of you who enjoy being creative in the kitchen, use our Seeti sauces with your choice of protein or vegetable to get a jump start on your masterpiece. 

Eating together is a small act, and it requires very little of us and yet it is invariably the most joyous moment of our day. We hope to make delicious meals effortless and play a small part in creating conversations and connections amongst family and friends


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