Ma's Mutton Curry (halal)
Ma's Mutton Curry (halal)

Ma's Mutton Curry (halal)


Yields 2.5 cups

An aromatic melt in your mouth goat dish seasoned with our mother’s blend of spices. This is a labor intensive dish, kept for weekends or entertaining.  Our starter sauce enables you to enjoy this any night of the week! We use locally sourced goat from a Bay Area farm. 

Ingredients: Goat, Onions, Organic Tomatoes, Organic Yogurt, Avocado Oil, Organic Garlic, Organic Ginger, Spices & Salt. 

Instructions: Package includes: 1) Caramelized Onion Sauce   2) Goat  TIP:  Cutting packet on two/three sides will facilitate moving it's contents into the IP

  1. Add mutton, sauce and ½ cup water.
  2. SEAL and cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 45 minutes.
  3. Once done, let rest for 10 minutes, then VENT to release remaining pressure.
  4. Open lid and set to SAUTE mode, and stir intermittently for 3-4 minutes to thicken sauce.
  5. CANCEL to turn off.  Enjoy!

Garnish Tips: onions slices, lemon wedge, cilantro  Serve with: Rice or Indian Flatbread   



    Health Facts: Goat meat is actually lower in caloriessaturated fats, and cholesterol than beef, pork, lamb and chicken. It also contains a higher amount of protein and more iron than beef (see comparison chart below).  This means goat meat is the leaner and healthier option, compared to equal servings of chicken, lamb, beef or pork.

    Nutritional values for goat, lamb, pork, beef, veal and chicken meat

    History: The story behind this curry is that an English army officer became ravenously hungry while traveling in a train in India. He followed his nose to the pantry car where a spicy mutton curry was simmering. He was offered a taste, whereupon he burnt his tongue because of the spices. The helpful cook reduced the heat with some yogurt and served it up. From that day on, this curry has been served on all first-class compartments of Indian trains. 

    During the British Raj in India, this goat curry was served with dinner rolls and/or rice on long distance train journeys. 



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